I’ve never done this before…

This is going to sound strange, because it seems such a taboo for someone who loves literature and poetry and original writing to review, of all things, fanfiction. But what I want to do is highlight a particular author I found two years ago, back in my fanfic-reading days, around a time I had pretty much despaired of ever finding someone who could write, and I mean really WRITE, on fanfiction.net.

I’m sure there are others out there, I have no doubt of that. And you’re more than welcome to share your favourites in the comments. And this particular author has limited their stories to Gossip Girl, Harry Potter and Glee, so if you don’t like any of them, you’re out of luck.

But this author is amazing. I don’t know who she is. I don’t know if she only writes fanfics, or if she has novels in the works (or published). But if she doesn’t, it’s a crime against nature and she should, because you only have to read her writing to know that it’s what she was put on earth to do.

Her name is possibilist, and you can find her work here on ffnet, or here on her tumblr.

Please don’t be put off just because she is a fanfiction author. I think that anyone who has a real talent for writing should be recognised and encouraged. Please just read a chapter or two. And then tell her she should write a novel. Because I’ve been waiting two years for one, and it’s clearly her calling.