Author of the Week: Matthew Reilly


Australian-born Matthew Reilly is the author of several internationally popular action/thriller novels, including Ice Station, Temple and Seven Ancient Wonders. He wrote his first novel, Contest, at the age of just 19, and today his books have sold over 3.5million copies and are published in over 20 countries.

Reilly’s books are known for thrilling action and fast-paced plots, making them wonderful introductions for teenagersĀ  who’ve never read much. He has also written several short stories for charity, the web and magazine serials.

As well as a successful author, Reilly is a self-proclaimed movie nerd, and owns an extensive range of movie memorabilia, including a life-sized replica of Han Solo in carbonite and his very own DeLorean DMC-12.

His advice to aspiring writers? “There is no such thing as an aspiring writer. You are a writer. Period. I was told that once, and I have never forgotten it.”

Reilly’s latest book, The Tournament, is out is bookstores now.

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